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austrian audio microphones packaging

This special frame packaging formally offers a high recognition value and protects the high-quality contents. A red Velcro strip, which can be used as a cable tie, closes the box. An ingenious folding system on the inside gives every part its fixed place.


bienenpink honey packaging

This high quality organic honey asks for a unique, valorizing packaging. The folded frame not only protects the honey from light but also when being transported. On the inside of the packaging, the world of bees, which is particularly dear to the beekeeper, unfolds.

Yamm street
Yamm filled
Yamm take away
Yamm packaging

Take Away Verpackung YAMM

The patented 4-shell packaging for the vegetarian restaurant YAMM in Vienna is folded up easily in a few steps, is stackable and offers space for one liter of food. The practical handle helps to transport two menus together with drinks.

Haiku open
Haiku filled

Asian Take Away Packaging HAIKU

Folded flat with four simple hand movements, the container turns into an impressive alternative to conventional plastic boxes. Chopsticks function as a carrying handle and complement the magic of the liquid-proof packaging. They are the like l

folding Lampshade Dimitrij

Lampshade Dimitrij

The lamp shade made of polypropylene for extra-quick self-assembly is simply folded around the light bulb socket.


Pro Carton Poster Bag

A number of striking infographics that illustrate the sustainability of cardboard packaging are not only practical due to their form of a carrier bag, but are equally sustainable. Folded open, an informative poster emerges for hanging..

nomino packaging
nomino packaging
nomino packaging
nomino packaging

nomino charms packaging

A simple lamellar cut makes it easy to attach the charms, so that the enameled emojis are placed in the middle of the vision panel. The packaging is put together in a ring shape and thereby offers the possibility to present the charms in their packaging by stringing them up, so to say..

Leviapharm Packaging
Leviapharm Product Images-151hr
Leviapharm Packaging
Levi Pharm Packaging


The double effect of the cream and capsules against dark circles is underlined by the two halves of the diamond-shaped packaging. When opened in the middle, the contents can be easily removed. The packaging is produced and stored flat.


Jewelry packaging

Derived from simple outlines inspired by circles four different kinds of packaging are created in no time at all. In addition to the aesthetic style, the unpacking turns into a real experience: the content is revealed as if by a kind of shell.

Photos: Tina Dietz

Black bear
Lugarbar alle klein

Black Bear Bar

The packaging for the organic energy bars is opened by breaking it apart in the middle. The unique shape lies well in the hand and offers a high recognition effect.

Mc Noodles
Mc Noodles
Mc Noodles
Mc Noodles Ideas

Mc Noodles Verpackung

The bowl-like Asia Take Away packaging with only two lid flaps allows convenient eating directly from the box. In addition, it offers enough space to stir in fresh vegetables.

ProCarton Urkunde braun
ProCarton Trophy

Pro Carton Trophy and Award

The 3D cardboard cube developed for the Pro Carton Award can be found both on the trophy made of glass and walnut wood and on the certificates, which are framed in specifically developed cardboard picture frames.

Staumöbel Jam.klein
Mini Jam

Pocket- stool "JAM"

A polypropylene bag developed for Mini (BMW) in two sizes, which can in the appropriate material thickness also serve as a mobile seating furniture to have a break, relax and take a deep breath, f.ex. in traffic jams or queues at the supermarket checkout.

Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-20 um 10.57.02
Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-20 um 10.57.31
Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-20 um 10.56.23
Bildschirmfoto 2016-10-20 um 10.57.51


The double award-winning packaging of the mo°box porcelain dome loudspeakers consists of only one piece of corrugated board. The fragile spheres float on the inwardly folded board-bars with plenty of space between them for cables and accessories such as wall holdfasts or the "tripods". The info brochure remains visible through a vision panel in the front.  

AKG opening
AKG open
AKG windows
AKG back

AKG Boxes

The division of the front resulting from the flap lid offers a high recognition value of the brand and shows the headset and its case through the viewing window. The retractable euro slot hanger and the pallet adjustment simplify transport and storage.

DP Skywalking1

Paperplate SKYWALKER

The paper plate SKYWALKER which won awards such as the “Pro Carton New Design Award” and the “Emballissimo 2002” is simple and cost effective to produce, can be supplied flat and stocked and can be printed on the outside. It is therefore a space-saving cardboard plate that unfolds its particularly striking and extremely practical shape in a single movement.


laptop cases
purses backside
purses front

Packaging for Lisbet Friis’ bags

Simple cuts elegantly wrap the laptop covers and cosmetic bags of the Danish designer. Fabric and pattern are the focus of attention.


delibluem labelling

Simple banderoles can be easily stripped off after use and leave no adhesive residue on the Take Away reusable glasses. The award-winning packaging concept thus meets the requirements of the regional, seasonal and vegan restaurant.

Knödeleck Set
Knödele Menü

Knödeleck packaging set

Triangle-based folded bowls offer space for sweet and savoury dumpling dishes. Small lids prevent sauces from spilling in the take-away packaging during transportation.

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